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KTU hotel “Politechnika”, S.Dariaus ir S.Girėno str. 37, Palanga, Lithuania.

Registration fee:

30 LTL (or 10 EURO) (It includes book of abstracts, conference dinner, refreshments)

Accommodation costs:

Approximately 25 LTL per day per person. (Payment after arriving.)

 Abstracts and proceedings:

The book of Abstracts in printed version will be distributed during the Conference-School.

The participants, whishing to give oral or poster presentations, are kindly asked to submit the abstract (up to 1200 characters) in electronic version.

Manuscripts should be prepared following the requirements:

Microsoft Word , font Times New Roman:


 Font, pt











Main text









Line spacing



Page set up: paper size A4, margins: top- 18 mm, bottom- 98 mm, left- 17 mm, right- 80 mm.

First line of the paragraph tabulator position - 7 mm.

The text will not be edited.

Lecturers are kindly asked to deliver materials of the lecture (electronic version) to the Organizing Committee during registration (in any acceptable form). The materials of oral presentations will be published on CD and will be sent after the conference to all the participants.

 Important dates:

  • May 6, 2006 deadline for registration and abstracts;

  • May 31, 2006 payment of the registration fee and deposit of one day accommodation;

  • June 17, 2006 final announcement ( including programme );

  • August 27, 2006 beginning of the Conference - School.


Palanga is a resort town where the Sventoji and Graze rivers run into the Baltic Sea. The history of Palanga goes back a long time, as is evidenced by archaeological finds: not far from town Sventoji, archaeologists have come across a campground which suggested that the area was inhabited some 5000 years ago.

Today Palanga is the most popular sea resort in Lithuania. The famous white sand, the beach that seems to stretch forever and pine groves attract thousands of both Lithuanians and foreigners. There are two must-sees in Palanga: Birute’s Hill - is a tall sand-dune which originally boasted a pagan temple to Thunder god Perkunas that was guarded by Vestal Virgins. Having heard about Birute, Kestutis, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, rode over on his horse to take her for his wife. It is written in the Chronicles of Lithuania that Birute "did not want to agree, and answered that she had promised the gods to guard her virginity as long as she lived. Kestutis took her by force from that place. Now the hill is topped with a chapel and the statue of  Birute rests at the foot of the hill. The second and most interested tourist site is the Amber Museum, which has tens of thousands of different amber pieces on display, including some bigger than you can imagine. These days, Palanga is also the place to go for active youngsters in search of bars and nightclubs, of which the town now has plenty.

Palanga has its own small airport with the international flights from Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Russia. One can also use Vilnius international airport - still the most convenient way to enter Lithuania. More detailed information about Lithuania and Palanga can be found in the websites:

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