Tentative list of lecturers

Dr. Mikk Antsov (University of Latvia, Latvia)
Mechanical Characterization of Nanostructures
Dr. Carsten Blawert (Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Germany)
Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation of Magnesium Alloys
Assoc. Prof. Serguei Chiriaev (University of Southern Denmark, Denmark)
Helium Ion Microscopy
Prof. Yuri Dekhtyar (Riga Technical University, Latvia)
Polymer Composite Early Destruction Accompanied with Emission of Electrons
Assoc. Prof. Astrid S. de Wijn (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway)
Modelling and Understanding of Atomic-Scale Friction
Prof. Yuris A. Dzenis (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, United States of America)
Breaking Advanced Fiber Development Paradigm: Continuous Supernanofibers with Simultaneously Ultrahigh Strength and Toughness
Prof. Mady Elbahri (Aalto University, Finland)
Plasmonic Nanocomposites: from Near to Far Field
Prof. Franz Faupel (Kiel University, Germany)
Functional Nanocomposites - From Fabrication to Function
Assoc. Prof. Mihaela Girtan (University of Angers, France)
Future Solar Energy Devices
Prof. Yesong Gu (Tunghai University, Taiwan)
Conductive Polymer Synthesis and its Applications in Biosensor Fabrication
Dr. Andrey Kadashchuk (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine)
Modern Trends and Recent Breakthroughs in Nanoelectronics
Asst. Prof. Till Leißner (University of Southern Denmark, Denmark)
Ultrafast Plasmonics
Dr. Ramūnas Lygaitis (Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania)
Materials for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes: Present Status and New Trends
Dr. Juris Prikulis (University of Latvia, Latvia)
Nanostructured Metal-Insulator-Metal Optical Coatings and their Applications
Prof. Rimantas Ramanauskas (Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Lithuania)
Up-to-date Problems of Passive and Active Corrosion Protection of Metals
Dr. Maria Serdechnova (Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Germany)
Active Corrosion Protection of Aluminum Alloy AA2024 using LDH Nanocontainers
Dr. Artūras Vailionis (Stanford University, United States of America)
X-Ray Computed Tomography - A New Tool For Today's Materials Research
Prof. Nerija Žurauskienė (Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Lithuania)
Nanostructured Lanthanum Manganite Thin Films: Preparation, Physics and Application
Duration of oral presentation lecture: 45 or 90 minutes.