Palanga airport

Palanga airport is situated only 7 kilometres off the city. The regular flights from Palanga airport are operated to Copenhagen (Denmark), Oslo (Norway) and Riga (Latvia) year-round. Relating to good connecting flights from Palanga with SAS it is easy to reach a lot of other cities in Europe via Copenhagen. For connecting flights please contact the travel agency or check the airline web pages: SAS, AirBaltic.
The city can be reached by bus or by taxi. The buses on route Airport-Palanga-Airport are going approximately every two/three hours every day. The time table is available on Autobusu bilietai (Departure from: "Palanga (oro uostas)"; Arrival to: "Palanga"). Taxi is available in front of Airport Terminal. A trip to Palanga city takes 10 min and costs about 15 EUR.

Vilnius airport

Also one can come via Vilnius Airport. The airport is located on a plateau in the south of Vilnius. It is only 7 km, or 15 minutes drive by car from the centre of the capital. The regular flights are operated to Brussel (Belgium), Stockholm (Sweden), Copenhagen (Denmark), Helsinki (Finland), Tallinn (Estonia), Moscow (Russia), Kiev (Ukraine), Warsaw (Poland), Frankfurt (Germany), Riga (Latvia) and etc. More information can be found on Vilnius airport website.
The city centre can be easily reached using city train or bus. There is a special train between the Railway Station and the Airport. Located close to the passenger terminal, a train stop has staircase and elevator for passengers, lighting as well as a video supervision system for security of passengers. The needs of disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility have also been considered. Pedestrian path leading to the Airport is Sheltered and lightened during dark period of a day. The timetable can be found at Lietuvos gelezinkeliai.
Bus stop is situated just outside the airport. Bus No. 1 goes to the train/bus station and the buses No. 2 goes to the city centre. The timetable can be found at Vilnius Routes and Timetables.

Kaunas airport

Kaunas airport is situated 10 kilometres off the city. At Kaunas airport regular flights are operated (by Ryanair and AirBaltic) to London, Bristol, Birmingham, Edinburgh (United Kingdom), Dublin, Knock (Ireland), Frankfurt (Germany), Oslo (Norway) and etc. More information can be found on the airport website.
There is a very convenient way to reach Kaunas central bus station by bus No. 29 (Kaunas Routes and Timetables), also special buses to capital Vilnius are arranged to suite the flight timetable (more information on the airport website).

By bus from Kaunas and Vilnius

There are frequent bus connections between most parts of Lithuania. The bus schedule from Kaunas and Vilnius to Palanga can be found on the website: Autobusu bilietai.