Advanced materials and technologies history


About Conference

“… The international conference school “Advanced materials and technologies” to me means excellent talks, striking hospitality, wonderful location and side program as well as perfect networking opportunities for young and senior scientists…” (Prof. Franz Faupel, Kiel University, Germany)

“… Šiame forume jau 20 metų dalijamasi pažinimo džiaugsmu, patirtimi, mokslo pasiekimais ir problemomis, tuo būdu suartinant žmones ir nutiesiant naujus bendradarbiavimo tiltus…” (Prof. Kęstutis Jarašiūnas, Vilniaus Universitetas, Lietuva)

“…The hallmark of the conference is based on high standards of scientific excellence optimized for PhD students and young researchers, a reasonable balance between personal contributions of attendants and tutorial lectures, versatile and broad international audience, friendly atmosphere, and long traditions…” (Prof. Gintautas Tamulaitis, Vilnius University, Lithuania)

“… After participating to the conference more than ten years ago both the splendid environment, a highly motivated conference team and a visionary leader convinced me on the spot that the Palanga school is a phantastic idea…” (Prof. Horst-Gunter Rubahn, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark)


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